Thursday, July 15, 2010

Love the One Label That Never Goes Out of Style..or not??

Love the label that never goes out of Style

Happy Endings we see them in Movies,Books we even hear them in songs.
But does the line ''and they lived happily ever after...'' really exist in real life?

Can we have real happy endings in our life?

First someone could ask define Happy End. Very well for me personally my happy ending would be finding the one and have a family,with two kids (girl and boy) and my dream job.
Someone else could say:'' Money and fame are more important to me,than family and love''.

Fair enough for me.

In Fairytales a happy ending is when the princess is rescued by the prince from the evil witch or evil stepmother (sleeping beauty/cinderella).

Fairytales are the stuff for dreams.
Transleated it means that each women is waiting for the prince to come and save her.
Only in modern times the bad guy is the evil society and the daily boring life.

Is this our real purpose in life?

Waiting and hoping to be saved by the prince or is there more to it??

Independent women or so called buisness woman state that they don't need a man.
If they want babies they adopt or the go to sperm banks.
So,does that mean that our society could change so much that the kind male will be for no use in the future?

You may ask how I came to this conclusion.

To answer that you should look at the course of history.

What do I mean ?

In prehistoric times the male (also known as man) was responsible for the hunting and the safety of the cave (house).The female was staying in the cave and was takeing care of the children and the home.

Later in the middle ages the position of the woman and the man hadn't changed much.
Expect that the cave had become the farm house and the man was going on the field to find food.Here we also see that the woman was going with the man to help him on the field.

We can see that the responsibilities of the woman only grow while the resp. of the man remained the same.

Later during the the world wars the position of man and woman only had small changes.

But know in modern times the woman has become independent and doesn't need a man,because she can provide food for herself.

Some say that history only repeats itself .

I can't fully agree with that,sometimes it does but as our society is changing so the course of our history will become more and more unpredictable.

So in my conclusion will love the only label that never goes out of style,eventually be outdated??

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