Thursday, September 27, 2012

Mystery feat Romance : A Review

Last summer was one of the most stressful one's I've been through,
but thankfully I had a few good stories to keep mr company....


These stories are unique and a must-read for anyone who loves a good mystery story mixed with a little romance.

When I started reading them I didn't really expect much, I thought you know it's probably a good way to pass the time,but then I got carried away and I couldn't put them down.

First things first, each and every story is set in Wisteria, a small quiet town were at first there seems to be nothing going on.

But then as the story progresses we see that there's more to the people and the secrets they are hidding, that meets the eye.

So the female protagonist, it's always a female , sets to figure out the mystery while getting a little help by a handsome boy, so here's your romance which is always a nice distraction from the main plot.

Her character's are your everyday teenagers who suddenly face these secrets they have to unravel while  simultaneously trying to juggle their worries and pottential love interests.

All in all, they are likeable and funny at times and Elizabeth Chandler's writing style will have caring for them in no time.

What really got me hooked though is the fact that these stories are never what they seem,
just when you think you figured out what happened or who did what,
an unexpected and well placed plot twist hits you that makes you reconsider everything.

In the end the bad guys get what they deserve,
even if at first they seemed like the good guys.

So try them and let me know what you think !!!

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